Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nintendo coming out with a new console?

Everyone knows Nintendo as a portable little game system and of course the Wii. But people say that Nintendo is coming out with a video game console, like the X-box and Playstation. But what would people think of it or call it, since the X-box and Playstation is everything people have now. Will Nintendo create an old school video game console or a new really high tech console like how people have said the iPhone 5 is going to be transparent. That sort of stuff. Is that what people are really looking in a game console or a classic Nintendo game console that everybody loves with a little bit of that new high tech stuff of a lot of it, will it make a difference in what people think of Nintendo or will people still look at Nintendo and say they still love it. Will Nintendo still carry the same sports games that X-box and Playstation carry or will they bring back the old Super Mario games that everybody used to play.

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